Kathua rape and murder: Social boycott adds to plight of victim’s family

WAL DRAMUN, ANDOO (SHANGUS): Justice may have been done in the Kathua gang rape and murder case, but the victim’s family and relatives said their lives have changed forever.

Rasana village, where the family lived, has ostracized them and enforced a social boycott, forcing them to leave their land forever.

Their house is guarded 24×7 by the police.

“We don’t consider ourselves safe at Rasana. They did not allow her body to be buried in the village,” the victim’s mother said.

The girl’s family and their relatives have set up a temporary home at Shangus, 175 km south of Srinagar.

The victim’s mother said the family earlier used to stay around six months at home before migrating to Kashmir or Kargil.

“This time, due to fear, we stayed only two months at Rasana.”

The boycott has meant that shopkeepers in the three villages, Rasana, Kotah and Damiyal, have declined to sell items — even fodder for cattle — to the family and their relatives.

Earlier, they used to enjoy close relations with the Hindu community. But now there is animus.

The victim’s brother said the locals hurl abuses at him.

“They tell us we have framed their men wrongly.”



By Fayaz Wani