Renowned novelist, playwright Kiran Nagarkar passes away

MUMBAI: Renowned novelist and playwright Kiran Nagarkar died at a private hospital in Mumbai on Thursday. He was 77.

Nagarkar was admitted to the Bombay Hospital earlier this week after he suffered a massive brain stroke. Funeral will be held at 10 am on Friday, family sources have said.

Born in Mumbai in 1942, Nagarkar wrote in Marathi as well as English. He worked as an academic, a journalist, a screenplay writer and in the advertisement industry, but writing remained his passion.

His first novel “Saat Sakkam Trechalis” was published in 1974 at his age of 32. It was in Marathi. Later he translated it in English with name Seven Sixes are fourty three.

Nagarkar also tried other forms of writing like plays and cinema. His works include God’s Little Soldier (2006), The Extras (2012), Rest in Peace (2015), Bedtime Stories. However, he is best known for his seven novels like ‘Cucculed’ being the most acclaimed which won him Sahitya Academy Award.

Nagarkar faced accusations of unwelcome physical contact from three journalists during the #metoo wave. Though he gave several explanations, the accusations were never withdrawn. Publication of his latest novel ‘The Arsonist’ too suffered due to the accusations.